This Fizzy Breakfast Juice Took Me From 205 to 140!

The Old Me...

I tried all the things I would read about...

-Drink more water
-Sign up for a gym membership
-Eliminate sugar & carbs Cleanses & detoxes
-Keto, Paleo, South Beach, etc. But NONE of it worked!

I’d drop 5 to 10 for a week or so…only for my old numbers to snap back like a rubber band.

My joints hurt more and more…and I could hardly catch my breath after going up the stairs in my own home. I felt, the harder I tried to lose more weight, the harder my body was fighting against me.

After so many attempts, I just felt my body getting worn out. I felt ashamed, I felt sad, and I began to feel depressed because no matter what I did, it didn't work. This feeling would always make me go back to my comfort foods. I honestly thought I was going to be overweight for the rest of my life!

After all those failed diets and feeling hopeless, once I started implementing this breakfast drink the weight began to melt away. It also had the added benefits of supporting a healthy heart, arteries and blood sugar levels.

Because of the fizzy morning juice...
✔️ I am able to balance my eating cravings.
✔️ My energy level has gone through the roof.
✔️ I don't have to spend hours in the gym.
✔️ I have a more exciting relationship with my husband in ways I'm sure you can imagine.
✔️ I am finally fitting into clothes I thought I could never wear again including swimwear.
✔️ My inflammation, chronic headaches, severe bloating and anxiety attacks have disappeared

At 57, I feel like I did when I was in my 30’s. I haven’t felt this great in years.

It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I’m down from a dress size 18 to a 4 and have been able to maintain it while eating my favorite foods. From my waist I've lost 18 inches and from my hips I've lost 20 inches. It'll hit me sometimes and I'll catch myself in the mirror and I'll see the new me and it feels fantastic!

Of course, I'm starting to get questions about what I'm doing to get these results. So, I've put a link to the video where I learned about the morning juice below. Watch the video that made it all possible and changed my life! You won't regret it!